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Home Electrical Inspection and other Electrical Tips

The following tips are just helpful general tips for homeowners and building owners.

The following tips are just helpful general tips for homeowners and building owners.
1.     On fluorescent light fixtures change the bulbs once a year. Fluorescent bulbs gradually diminish in output, which puts a strain on the ballast and reduces the life of the fixture. This also results in reduction in quality of light.

2.     If you have an outdoor fixture that is on 12 hours a night with a 100 watt bulb you can save
from $25 to $50 annually just by changing it to compact fluorescent at 25 watts.

3.     Use ceiling fans in your home. They can help reduce heating and air conditioning cost by
circulating the air

4.     Attic fans can also help save you in air conditioning costs.

5.     Install a digital clock set back thermostat to control heating and air conditioning. This can
save you money as well as provide additional comfort and automatic operation.

6.     Protect all your electronic equipment with surge protectors including your TV, Stereo,
DVD and VHS machines.

7.     I can’t stress enough the dangers of aluminum wiring. If you have any in your home be
especially aware of flickering lights or devices working intermittently. Call a licensed electrician
immediately if you encounter this problem and shut the power off to affected areas if at all
possible. Also be sure you have working smoke detectors.

Some of these you have heard a million times but I would be careless if I dismissed them.

8.     Never run extension cords under carpets or rugs.

9.   Replace frayed or worn extension cords and replace broken or damaged plugs on

10. If you find any problems that I have addressed above please call a licensed
electrician. I am a big fan of do it yourself projects, but electricity is not one of those. Even when someone knows some basics the simple mechanics of things like grounding and connections can
cause serious injury to anyone in your home.